Training Runs August 14th to September 17th, 2019

When the new ‘Z662-19 Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems’ published in late June, it sent many of us into a ritual scramble. Every 4 years we take six weeks to update all of our courses to the new requirements. The NEB, as well as many Provincial jurisdictions have evergreen references to the Z662 in their regulations. This means the new requirements become law almost immediately. While Authorities may have provisions to deal with projects already in progress, all new work must go forward based on the new rules.

To meet the spike in demand for this information, we run a 1 day Code Update course for a month. The training is intended for those who have previous Z662 training and are looking to update their knowledge and qualifications based on the new requirements and any code changes. We offer the courses at various locations from mid August to mid September, after which we resume presentations of our normal curriculum with all of our training having been updated to the new 2019 requirements.

If you currently hold a CPAC qualification certificate at any level, you have a year to write the challenge exam to bring your qualification up to the new requirements. If you prefer training as opposed to self-study but don’t want to repeat full courses, the update course may be your best choice. This option is only available for the month and dates that are listed in the course calendar.