Fusion Technician Program

Adding to our API 1169 and CPAC Level 2 and 3 Pipeline Construction Inspector training programs, Nasa Corp. is pleased to announce that our Z662-15 Distribution & Non-Metallic Pipeline Requirements training course has now been rewritten to include all necessary Z662 elements for those individuals working towards the CPAC Level 2 Fusion Technician Qualification.

This is the sister course to our CSA Z662-15 Non-Metallic Pipeline Concepts course which is being offered in June. The Non-Metallic Pipeline Concepts training deals exclusively with section 13 and is targeted for non-metallic pipelines in other than distribution systems. With the two courses, students can target either distribution or pipeline system concepts while still obtaining the required elements for those working towards a Level 2 Fusion Technician Qualification.

CPAC will be formally announcing the program in late April. Like other competencies, qualified Fusion Technicians will require general knowledge of the CSA Z662 as well as detailed understanding of the requirements in sections 12 and 13 respecting the nature and joining of non-metallic materials. The newly updated course will be offered publicly beginning May 4, 2018.

Apples & Oranges – Pricing Structure Change

Don’t worry. Our course costs are not increasing. In an effort to provide clients more user-friendly information, NASA Corp. is changing the way we advertise our pricing. Clients have pointed out that our pricing, which previously included the Qualification examination fees, was difficult to compare with other training providers.

To clarify the optics and allow you to do reasonable comparisons, our brochures are being changed this month to identify the training costs and qualification costs separately. Our objective remains the same in providing the best available industry training at fair and reasonable costs.