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Finally!! The Canadian Code Credential Update Exams are Available & Online

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CPA Council has just announced that the 2019 code update exams are now available online. It has been a long time coming as they have dealt with new computer program migration, membership clarifications to meet international qualification body requirements, and then of all things – a global pandemic. I guess this was a perfect storm from a Personnel Qualification organization, and to be fair we have had our own challenges in being able to offer our courses with a remote attendance option.

The quickie version of the CPA Council changes are as follows:

  • The open letter to Oil and Gas Pipeline Companies requesting extension of 2015 credentials has been updated to October 31, 2020. Read the letter here…
  • Clarification that credential holders are members and that maintaining your membership as current includes the code update exams and re-issue of certificates to the new code edition.
  • A member renewal page that registers you for the online exam
  • Level 1 & 2 code qualification exams will be made available online, however the Level 3 & 4 exams still require writers to attend and write a supervised exam.

For our part, we have added 2 dates (August 7 and September 21) for the Z662 update training to our calendar and will add a third for October shortly. These courses are being run remotely using Zoom, and some basic refresher videos are being added which you can watch.

Registrations for the training are open now and the dashboard is expected by August 1st. If you have not already attended an update through your organization, we will be happy to welcome you to the Zoom Classroom in August or September. Click here for more details.

There will no doubt be more announcements coming over the summer so be sure to stay tuned.