In August of last year, we published a blog article announcing the work we had completed in changing our approach to the frequency and style of our training presentations. At the time it seemed like a big deal and we had a great sense of accomplishment. Turns out it was kids play compared to the changes we have made over the past 6 months in dealing with the pandemic.

By August 1st 2020, our 4 most in-demand programs will be structured for presentation with a dashboard for material downloads and streaming video tutorials providing foundational information for the main lecture on the topic. The main training lectures are now a single day in length and while delivered live, they are structured to allow remote attendance.

While we hope to resume in person lectures in September, we are working to make all our training available for remote attendance on an ongoing basis to assist those who may have travel constraints. Our hope is that all course titles will be available for remote attendance by year’s end.

Summer course dates for August and September are available for registration, and fall training dates, locations (where applicable), and courses titles will be announced in late August.