27 02, 2018

Mandatory Thinking?

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What "Shall Consider" Really Means A student told me this story: I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business and staring up at the righthand corner of my office. My boss, who was walking by, stopped, looked at me with a slightly annoyed expression and said, "What are you doing?" I calmly

27 02, 2018

NASA Corp News – A New Format and Other News

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Welcome to the monthly Z662 newsletter featuring a new format. Based on client feedback, effective March 2018, the NASA Corp. course advertisement mail outs and industry announcements are being integrated with the Z662 Blog. The blog's main page has been updated to provide direct links to current courses in the left-hand sidebar, newsletter and technical

15 02, 2018

How Long is Forever?

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Record Retention Requirements for Pipeline Systems. A discussion that often comes up in training courses surrounds what documents and records need to be kept and for how long. As you're probably aware, numerous clauses within the Z662 mandate that some records be kept for the life of the pipeline, while other clauses suggest the

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